What is the difference between State and Society?

Society includes many processes, relationships and institutions. While state is meant to look after the political aspects.
The society consists of a large number of individuals, families, groups and institutions. The early political thinkers considered both state and society as one. The state is a part of society but is not a form of society.
Society exists for a number of purpose, some great and some small.The state exists for one great but single purpose.
Society is prior to the state.State come into existence after the origin of the society.
The scope of society is much wider.The scope of the state is limited.
Society has no fixed territory.The state has fixed territory,
Society is a social organisationThe state is a political organisation.
Society has no power to enforce laws.The state has the power to enforce laws.
Whereas society comprises within itself many organisation.From the point of view of the organisation, the State is a single organisation.

The society exercises its control over humans by coercion and exact obedience. On the other hand, the society employs a method of voluntary action. The purposes for which society exists makes the pursuasive methods necessary. The multiplicity of the organisation of society gives ample opportunity to the members to relinquish one association and join another in the event they are subject to any coercion. Thus you must understand a state without a centralized authority of coercive force and society without the method of persuasion will fall apart.

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