1. Section __ of the CPC relates to the order of custody and disposal of property pending the trial in certain cases.
    a) Section 440 CrPC
    b) Section 445 CrPC
    c) Section 449 CrPC
    d) Section 451 CrPC
  2. Order _ Rule _ empowers the court to permit a person or body of persons to present opinion or to take part in the proceedings.
    a) Order 1 Rule 4
    b) Order 1 Rule 7
    c) Order 1 Rule 8A
    d) Order 1 Rule 10 A
  3. De facto guardian is not allowed to deal with a minor’s property by virtue of
    a) Section 6 HMGA
    b) Section 11 HMGA
    c) Section 9 HMGA
    d) Section 13 HMGA
  4. Provisions relating to crossed cheque are mentioned in which chapter?
    a) XV
    b) XIV
    c) XVII
    d) XIII
  5. The inquiry as to any claim or any rights under section 22 of Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 is undertaken by __.
    a) Tehsildar
    b) Sub Division Magistrate
    c) Forest Officer
    d) Collector

Answer 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.D

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