1. A Proclamation under Article 356 is required to be approved by resolutions of both Houses of Parliament by
    a) Simple majority within one month
    b) Simple majority within two months
    c) Special majority within one month
    d) Special majority within two months
  2. Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, who may command any unlawful assembly to disperse?
    a) Judicial Magistrate
    b) Executive Magistrate
    c) Officer in charge of Police station
    d) Either A or C
  3. Presumption of legitimacy under section 112 of the Evidence Act will apply when a person is born within how many days after the dissolution of a Valid marriage?
    a) 180 days
    b) 160 days
    c) 280 days
    d) 270 days
  4. Which section contains certain important provisions regarding cases of disputes concerning land or water, which are likely to cause a breach of peace?
    a) Section 140
    b) Section 143
    c) Section 144
    d) Section 145
  5. Section 21 of the Punjab Courts Act 1918 was substituted by
    a) Punjab Act of 1964
    b) Haryana Act of 1964
    c) Haryana Act of 1980
    d) None of the above

Answer 1. B 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. A

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