1. Under Indian Contract Act, 1872 a person appointed by an agent under the authority of Principal is known as
    a) Sub-Agent
    b) Substituted Agent
    c) Special Agent
    d) Mercantile Agent
  2. The general power to transfer suits under section 24 of Civil Procedure Code has been granted to
    a) District Court
    b) High Court
    c) Supreme Court
    d) Both A and B
  3. Oral accounts of the contents of a document by a person who has seen it is
    a) Primary Evidence
    b) Secondary Evidence
    c) Testimonial Evidence
    d) Circumstantial Evidence
  4. Where is the headquarter of West Central Railway zone situated?
    a) Bhopal
    b) Gwalior
    c) Jabalpur
    d) Indore
  5. Where a decree is passed against a tenant on the ground of bonafide need under section 12(1)(e) of the M.P. Accommodation Control Act, the landlord would get the possession of the premises _ of the date of the order.
    a) Two months
    b) Three months
    c) Six months
    d) One year

Answer 1. B 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. A

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