9 OCTOBER 2021

  1. โ€˜Mitra Shaktiโ€™ is a joint Army exercise between India and which country?
    a) Sri Lanka

    b) Bangladesh
    c) Nepal
    d) Bhutan
  2. Which institution released a discussion paper titled โ€˜India Pathโ€™s to Power: Strategy in a World Adriftโ€™?
    a) NITI Aayog
    b) ORF
    c) NCAER
    d) Centre for Policy Research
  3. Who has topped the Forbes India Rich List 2021 for the 14th consecutive year?
    a) Mukesh Ambani
    b) Gautam Adani
    c) Lakshmi Mittal
    d) Cyrus Poonawala
  4. 5th India Japan Maritime Bilateral Exercise JIMEX 2021 held at which place?
    a) Red Sea
    b) Bay of Bengal
    c) Arabian Sea
    d) South China Sea
  5. Kangana Ranaut was named the Brand Ambassador of which state โ€˜One District One Productโ€™ scheme?
    a) Gujarat
    b) Bihar
    c) Uttar Pradesh
    d) Maharashtra

Answer 1. A 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. C

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