23 JULY 2021

  1. Which site recently got removed from the list of theSupreme Court of India UNESCO World Heritage Site?
    a) Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City
    b) Tournai Cathedral
    c) Elbe Valley
    d) Arabian Oryx Sanctuary
  2. World’s first 3D-printed steel bridge has been opened up in which city?
    a) Los Angeles
    b) Sydney
    c) Oslo
    d) Amsterdam
  3. Name the author of the book ‘The India Story: An Epic Journey of Democracy and Development?
    a) Urjit Patel
    b) Bimal Jalan
    c) Amartya Sen
    d) Raghuram Rajan
  4. Who was named All India Football Federation men’s Footballer of the year?
    a) Sajan Prakash
    b) MP Jabir
    c) Sandesh Jhingan
    d) Mariyappan Thangavda
  5. What is the range of Akash-NG surface to air Missile developed by DRDO?
    a) 30 Km
    b) 40 Km
    c) 60 Km
    d) 70 Km


  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. C
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