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  1. ‘A’, for the purpose of inducing ‘B’ to desist from prosecuting a civil suit, threatens to burn B’s house. ‘A’ is guilty of: –
    A. Assault
    B. Criminal Intimidation
    C. Extortion
    D. None of the above
    Answer: – B
  2. In which of the following cases, it was held that section 505 of Indian Penal Code, 1860, is not violative of Article 19 of the Indian Constitution?
    A. Bilal Ahmed Kaloo v. State of A.P.
    B. Magan Ram v. State of M.P.
    C. Chagan Lal v. State of M.P.
    D. Baijnath and Ors v. State of M.P.
    Answer: – A
  3. Under Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, the power of suo moto revision is available to: –
    A. Court of Session
    B. High Court
    C. Both (A) & (B)
    D. None of the above
    Answer: – B
  4. ‘Alibi’ literally means being: –
    A. Present
    B. Elsewhere
    C. Insane
    D. Sovereign
    Answer: – B
  5. Which of the following sections of Chhattisgarh Land Revenue Code deals with the provisions of power to appoint collector: –
    A. Section 15
    B. Section 16
    C. Section 17
    D. Section 18
    Answer: – B

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