1. Which of the following guardianship is recognised under the Muslim law?
    (A) Guardianship of person
    (B) Guardianship of movable property
    (C) Guardianship of immovable property
    (D) All of the above
  2. Guardianship in marriage is also known as
    (A) Jabar
    (B) Wasi
    (C) Hizanat
    (D) None of the above
  3. Who among the following has a preferential right to contract his /her minor child into marriage
    (A) Father
    (B) Mother
    (C) Both father and mother
    (D) Minor child itself
  4. Guardianship of the person of a minor is known as
    (A) Jabar
    (B) Wasi
    (C) Hizanat
    (D) None of the above
  5. Under Sunni law, the mother is entitled to the custody of a male child till the age of
    (A) two years
    (B) three years
    (C) five years
    (D) seven years
  6. A guardian of property in Muslim law is called
    (A) Wali
    (B) Wasi
    (C) Jabar
    (D) None of the above
  7. A de jure guardian is
    (A) A legal guardian
    (B) Guardian appointed by the court
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) Only (B)
  8. Who amongst the following is a guardian of the minor’s property?
    (A) Father
    (B) Paternal Grandfather
    (C) Mother
    (D) Both (A) and (B)
  9. A de facto guardian means
    (A) a legal guardian
    (B) guardians appointed by the court
    (C) a person who intermeddles with the property of the minor
    (D) all of the above
  10. Sale of minor’s immovable property by a de facto guardian is
    (A) valid
    (B) void
    (C) voidable
    (D) invalid

ANSWER 1. (D) 2. (A) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (D) 6. (A) 7. (C) 8. (D) 9. (C) 10. (B)

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