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29 JULY 2021

  1. Name the Indian Naval Ship participated in the 325th Russian Navy Day celebrations.
    a) INS Trishul
    b) INS Tabar
    c) INS Sahyadri
    d) INS Kochi
  2. Who sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka?
    a) Basavaraj Bommai
    b) Arun Singh
    c) Pushkar Singh Dhami
    d) CT Ravi
  3. Which of the following was named as the differently abled sportsman of the year by Indian Sports Honour for 2019?
    a) Sukant Kadam
    b) Narendra Ranbir
    c) Pramod Bhagat
    d) All of the above
  4. Name the country which has become the world’s first to approve genetically modified ‘golden rice’ for production?
    a) USA
    b) Japan
    c) Brazil
    d) Philippines
  5. Name the state which will launch AYUSH-based economic upgradation scheme named ‘Devaranya Yojana’?
    a) Madhya Pradesh
    b) Andhra Pradesh
    c) Uttar Pradesh
    d) Haryana


  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. D
  5. A

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