1 OCTOBER 2021

  1. Which organisation has developed an indigenous charger for Electric Vehicles named AC001?
    a) ARAI
    b) CSIR
    c) ISRO
    d) DRDO
  2. Which Indian State/UT hosted the โ€˜First Himalayan Film Festivalโ€™?
    a) Sikkim
    b) Ladakh
    c) Uttarakhand
    d) Jammu & Kashmir
  3. What is the Rank of India in โ€˜2021-Digital Quality of Life Indexโ€™?
    a) 38th
    b) 44th
    c) 59th
    d) 122nd
  4. Who won 2021 Ostrava Open womenโ€™s doubles title?
    a) Sania Mirza and Shuai Zhang
    b) Kaitlyn Christian and Erin Routliffe
    c) Sania Mirza and Kaitlyn Christian
    d) Shuai Zhang and Erin Routliffe
  5. Who will head the reconstituted expert group responsible for determining the national floor level minimum wages under the Code on wages?
    a) Rupa Chandra
    b) SP Mukherjee
    c) Ajit Mishra
    d) Arup Mitra


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B

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