1. Who has become Indiaโ€™s 70th Grandmaster in chess?
    a) Raja Rithvik
    b) Padmini Raut
    c) Surya Shekhar Ganguly
    d) Tania Sachdev
  2. Name the country with which India is participating in the military training exercise โ€˜Surya Kiranโ€™?
    a) Bangladesh
    b) Nepal
    c) Indonesia
    d) Sri Lanka
  3. What is Indiaโ€™s rank in the 2021 edition of Global Innovation Index launched by World Intellectual Property Organisation?
    a) 31
    b) 35
    c) 40
    d) 46
  4. What was the name of SpaceX mission which was launched on a 3 day private space trip?
    a) Hope
    b) Juice
    c) Inspiration4
    d) Perseverance
  5. Who released a report on the latest climate science information named โ€˜United in Science 2021โ€™?
    a) World Meteorological Organisation
    b) World Trade Organisation
    c) United Nation
    d) World Health Organisation

Answer 1. A 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A

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