1. Which of the following acts cannot be done by a court under section 94 CPC?
    a) Temporary injunction
    b) Arrest before judgment
    c) Attachment of any property before judgment
    d) Appointment of executors
  2. Under which section of the Evidence Act ,the court itself can compare the handwriting of a person?
    a) Section 71
    b) Section 72
    c) Section 73
    d) Section 75
  3. Which of the following punishment cannot be inflicted on a juvenile under the Juvenile Justice Act 2015?
    a) Death Penalty
    b) Imprisonment for life
    c) Punishment above 7 years
    d) Death penalty and imprisonment for life
  4. An appeal under the Domestic Violence Act has to be filed under section 2 to the Court of Session within?
    a) 60 days
    b) 30 days
    c) 20 days
    d) 15 days
  5. Under the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, whose permission is required to letting out the premises for the limited period?
    a) Collector
    b) Rent Tribunal
    c) High Court
    d) District Court

Answer 1. D 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. B

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