Write a short note on Re- Union of Joint Hindu Family.

According to Mitakshara law school, joint Hindu family remains a joint till any coparcener does not claim partition. If any member claims partition then joint family cease to be joint and nuclear families and different joint families come into existence
So, once the partition is occurred then the unity of ownership and unity of possession is broken and all the members cease to be member of a joint Hindu family.

But if after partition any of the coparceners want to reunite then Mitakshara law school gives them permission to reunite and according to the provisions of this school they can reunite once again even after the partition. This is happened only because of love and affection and a not for any profit motive.

In reunion every member puts his property into a joint Hindu family and they all once again start living together. But this can be happened only between father and son, paternal uncle and nephew or brothers. It can only take place between persons who were parties to the original partition.

Reunion, unlike partition, is a very uncommon. That is why, a reunion has to be proved very strictly. The burden of proof is heavy on the party who claims the reunion.

It may be noted that while partition could be a unilateral act, reunion can only be effected through mutual agreement whereby all the members agreed to form a Hindu joint family again.

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