1. There are how many formal sources of Islamic law
    (A) three
    (B) two
    (C) four
    (D) five
  2. Which of the following are sources of Muslim Law?
    (A) Ijma
    (B) Quran
    (C) QIyas
    (D) All of the above
  3. The most important source of Muslim law is _
    (A) Sunnah
    (B) Ijma
    (C) Quran
    (D) Qiyas
  4. Which of the following is not a primary source of Muslim law?
    (A) Urf
    (B) Ijma
    (C) Quran
    (D) Sunnat
  5. The law given by the Prophet Mohammad through his behaviour is called:
    (A) Sharia
    (B) IJma
    (C) Hadith
    (D) Sunnat
  6. Quran is
    (A) Directly dictated to Prophet Mohammad
    (B) Directly given to Prophet Mohammad
    (C) Dictated to Prophet Mohammad thorough Angel Gabriel
    (D) All prophets in parts.
  7. The consensus of opinions among jurists in any particular on a juridical rule is called
    (A) Qiyas
    (B) Ijma
    (C) Hadith
    (D) Sharia
  8. Which of the following sources of law is a group of analytical principles obtained from Quran, Sunnat and Ijma?
    (A) Qiyas
    (B) Ijma
    (C) Hadith
    (D) Urf
  9. Qiyas means
    (A) Custom
    (B) Legislation
    (C) Consensus
    (D) Analogy
  10. Which of the following is a secondary source of Muslim law?
    (A) Qiyas
    (B) Hadith
    (C) Urf (ustom)
    (D) Sharia
  11. Which of the following is a process of deduction by which the law of a text is applied to cases which though not covered by language , are governed the reason of text?
    (A) Urf
    (B) Qiyas
    (C) Hadith
    (D) Istihasan


  1. (C)
  2. (D)
  3. (C)
  4. (A)
  5. (D)
  6. (C)
  7. (B)
  8. (A)
  9. (D)
  10. (C)
  11. (B)

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