1. Any condition imposed by Magistrate while releasing an accused in a non- bailable offence can be modified by: –
    A. Judicial Magistrate First Class
    B. Court of Session
    C. High Court
    D. Both (B) & (C)
    Answer: – D
  2. Which of the following sections of The Registration Act deals with the provisions of mandatory registration of documents: –
    A. Section 18
    B. Section 49
    C. Section 17
    D. Section 23A
    Answer: – C
  3. In which of the following cases, it has been held that, “An accused who has already been granted bail cannot be arrested on addition of new offence(s) without an order of the court which granted bail: –
    A. Pradeep Ram v. State of Jharkhand
    B. Hardeep Singh v. State of Punjab
    C. Jameel Hussain v. State of Bihar
    D. Ranjit Singh v. Union of India
    Answer: – A
  4. According to the Punjab Courts Act, 1918, which of the following authorities have control over the civil courts within the local limits of its jurisdiction: –
    A. Chief Judicial Magistrate
    B. Sub- Divisional Judicial Magistrate
    C. District Judge
    D. Law & Justice Minister of the State
    Answer: – C
  5. With the permission of which of the following authorities, a person can convert the residential building into non- residential building under the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949: –
    A. Civil Judge Junior Division
    B. Civil Judge Senior Division
    C. Judicial Magistrate First Class
    D. Controller
    Answer: – D

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