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31 JULY 2021

  1. Name the company which collaborated with CBSE and Ministry of Education for “AI For All” initiative?
    a) Google
    b) Microsoft
    c) Intel
    d) Wipro
  2. Which city is the only Indian city to be listed in the ‘International Clean Air Catalyst Programme by the USAID?
    a) Indore
    b) Bhopal
    c) Jaipur
    d) Chandigarh
  3. A virtual conference of BRICS Network Universities on the theme of electric mobility was inaugurated at which institute?
    a) IIT Kanpur
    b) IT Ropar
    c) IIT Bombay
    d) IIT Delhi
  4. Name the space agency which is all set to launch the world’s first reprogrammable commercial satellite?
    a) ISRO
    b) NASA
    c) ESA
    d) CNSA
  5. Who has become the first Assamese woman to assure Indian an Olympic medal?
    a) Pooja Rani
    b) Lovlina Borgohain
    c) Hima Das
    d) Mary Kom


  1. C
  2. A
  3. C
  4. C
  5. B

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