What is the importance of political science?

Political science deals with subjects that are both general and specific. Concerned with processes of conflict and integration, with the interplay and organisation of power. It is all pervasive and omni-present in the activities of individuals, groups and society at large. These processes affect all the individual in society. In a more specific sense, it deals with institutions of state and government which have direct control over and have impact on society. The governmental organisation is different from other social organisation in the sense that no individual in modern civil society is outside its purview. The laws of state control all and affect all. It is thus a compulsory rather than voluntary organisation. Analysis of these complex aspect is concerned with basic social processes.

The process of decision making in the government is always very complex. There are social and political groups that have their own demands. Many of these demands are in conflict with one another. Yet they have to be adjusted. Then there are different kinds of constrains eg. of resources. A political system has to function under different kinds of pressures and compulsions, with the result that there are certain decisions that are not possible. There may yet be others that are not advisable. All understanding of the process of politics helps a better understanding of the process of government. It results into a balanced evaluation of the political system.
Political science also tell us about the institutions and processes of government. It deals with the constitution and with the powers and functions of different governmental agencies. Their role, importance and working is analyzed. It tells us about the laws and about law making. Rights and obligations of both the government and the citizens constitute important subject of discussion. An understanding of these aspects results into a more effective participation of citizens into the affairs of the state. With the knowledge about the actual working of government, about the groups that have an impact their rights and privileges, the citizens can also make their participation more effective.
Political science is a recognized social science discipline. The subject is associated with great writers and philosophers in the intellectual history โ€“ Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Kautilya, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Marx and Mahatma Gandhi. It has a justifiable claim to an impressive and significant body of knowledge. It has developed over the centuries adding new concepts, theories and methods. Study of political science is a training for students in the academic discipline.

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