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  1. The term “Victim” given under Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, includes: –
    A. Guardian
    B. Legal Heir
    C. Both (A) & (B)
    D. None of the above
    ANSWER: – C
  2. According to Indian Penal Code, 1860, the right to private defence is available with respect to: –
    A. Human Body
    B. Property
    C. Both (A) & (B)
    D. Only (A)
    ANSWER: – C
  3. In which of the following cases, it has been held that, “a man must not make or try to make others feel enmity of any kind towards the government”: –
    A. Queen Empress v. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    B. Emperor v. Munna
    C. Kehar and others v. State of Orissa
    D. Kulwinder Singh v. State of Punjab
    ANSWER: – A
  4. The Registrar of Small Causes court can try the suit the value of which does not exceed:-
    A. Ten Rupees
    B. Twenty Rupees
    C. Thirty Rupees
    D. Fifty Rupees
    ANSWER: – B
  5. The maxim Res ipsa loquitor is a: –
    A. Rule of law
    B. Rule of Evidence
    C. Rule of fact
    D. None of the above
    ANSWER: – B

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