29 OCTOBER 2021

  1. Nuri is the first homegrown rocket, launched by which country?
    a) Malaysia
    b) Indonesia
    c) Singapore
    d) South Korea
  2. Which country releases commemorative postage stamp on 75th anniversary of UN?
    a) India
    b) America
    c) UK
    d) Pakistan
  3. Who won the 2020 UN Global Climate Action awards?
    a) Punjab Service Board
    b) EU
    c) PETA
    d) Global Himalayan Expedition
  4. Which Union Ministry launched the โ€˜Green Day Ahead Market (GDAM)โ€™?
    a) Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
    b) Ministry of Coal
    c) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change
    d) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare
  5. Archaelogical Survey of India and which institute signed a MOU for creating a network of sharing skills for restoration and protection of Historical monuments?
    a) IIT- Kanpur
    b) IIT- Madras
    c) IIT- Bombay
    d) IIT- Jodhpur

ANSWER 1. D 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. A

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