Write a short note on Kharche-i-pandan.

In every religion, marriage is one of the most important phase in every personโ€™s life. It unites one person with another person to whom the former person does not know but he/she gives the consent on a belief that the latter person will support him/her emotionally, physically and financially. Because of these beliefs, parties solemnize marriage and allow to fulfil their matrimonial obligations.

According to Muslim religion, our society is a patriarchal in nature and it is responsibility of a husband to support his wife financially and to provide her maintenance. Because of this belief, the concept of Kharche-i-pandan was introduced in Muslim religion.
Kharche-i-pandan basically means betel box expenses and it is a personal allowance which is given to the wife by her husband. It is also called an allowance for Mewakhori.

According to Muslim religion, it is given by husband to his wife for her day-today needs and expenses. Only wife has right upon this allowance and she can do whatever she wants to do and she can spend this money according to her personal desire. It is not obligatory for her to spend this money on household goods.

In the leading case of Nawab Husaini Begam vs. Nawab Khwaja Muhammand
, the Honโ€™ble court held that, โ€œwife is entitled to Kharche-i-pandan. Though, she has nothing to spend on household goods still money is required to fulfil the other day-to-day needs including clothing, personal effects and entertainment too.โ€

In case of Sikandar Ara vs Hussan Ara(1916 Oudh, 136), The Honโ€™ble court held that, โ€œ the amount of kharche-i-pandan can be fixed either before the marriage or after the marriage and it is fixed according to the means and position of parties.โ€

It is totally different from pin money and Mahar. Because Mahar is that amount or property which is agreed to be paid by husband to his wife at the time of marriage in the consideration of marriage and pin money is it that money which is given to wife and she can spend it with the advice of her husband whereas kharche-i-pandan is that amount which is given to wife by her husband so long as she lives with her husband and she can spend the same without any control of husband.

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