16 OCTOBER 2021

  1. Recently with which country India has held a Maritime Affairs dialogue?
    a) America
    b) Japan
    c) Australia
    d) Great Britain
  2. In which city, Digital Population clock has been inaugurated?
    a) Delhi
    b) Hyderabad
    c) Mumbai
    d) Nagpur
  3. Who won 2021 PETA India Award for โ€˜Vegan Leatherโ€™ initiative?
    a) Mohammad Azam
    b) James Sangma
    c) Bhanumati Gheewala
    d) Phumzile Miambo
  4. Who becomes Indiaโ€™s 21st Woman Grand Master?
    a) V. Varshini
    b) Pratyusha Bodda
    c) Divya Deshmukh
    d) Subbaraman Vijaylakshmi
  5. What is the official tagline for the AFC Womenโ€™s Asian Cup India 2022?
    a) Our Goal for all
    b) Health and Sports
    c) Goal towards Growth
    d) Sports with Spirit

Answer 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A

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