1. Which of the following is content of charge?
a) Specific name of the offence as per the law which provides the offence
b) In case of unspecific name of the offence, definition of the offence
c) Particulars of time and place of the alleged offence
d) All of the above

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1. Under section 200 Cr.P.C recording of pre-summoning evidence may be dispensed with if
a) The complaint is supported by an affidavit of the complainant
b) The complaint is made in writing by a public servant
c) The Magistrate feels that ends of justice require pre-summoning evidence to be dispensed with
d) None of the above

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1. Under Section 164A of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 the victim of rape shall be sent to registered medical practitioner for examination within _________ from the time of receiving the information relating to the commission of such offence
a) 10 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 16 hours
d) 24 hours

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Which of the following courts, can under section 106 of CrPC, release a convict on security for keeping the peace and good behaviour?
a) Sessions Courts
b) Magistrate of First Class
c) Appellate or Revisional court
d) All of the above……

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